Freshwater ecology and conservation: approaches and techniques

Hughes, Jocelyne M. R. (szerk.)
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Oxford University Press
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This practical manual of freshwater ecology and conservation provides a state-of-the-art review of the methods and techniques used to measure, monitor, and conserve freshwater ecosystems. It offers a single, comprehensive, and accessible synthesis of the vast amount of technical literature for freshwater ecology and conservation that is currently dispersed in manuals, toolkits, journals, handbooks, ‘grey’ literature, and websites. Successful conservation outcomes are ultimately built on a sound ecological framework in which every species must be assessed and understood at the individual, community, and catchment level of interaction. For example, freshwater ecologists need to understand hydrochemical storages and fluxes, the physical systems influencing freshwaters at the catchment and landscape scale, and the hydrochemical processes that maintain species assemblages and their dynamics. A thorough understanding of all these varied processes, and the techniques for studying them, is essential for the effective conservation and management of freshwater ecosystems. Primarily aimed at graduate students and established researchers in the fields of freshwater ecology and conservation biology, this book is also a valuable reference for conservation practitioners, aquatic managers, and professional limnologists worldwide.

Keywords: wetlands, freshwater ecology, water chemistry, freshwater techniques, management, hydrology, macrophytes, restoration, invasive species, ecosystem services