PhD Students

We provide assistance in the use of online databases and catalogues, efficient scientific literature search, as well as in the accomplishment of an appropriate literature reference.
In addition, our MTMT administrators support students in registration to MTMT, and in uploading publications to the MTMT database. Technical assistance is available at the Library's Information Desk in the Journal Reading Room. Furthermore, individual or group consultations are also available by appointment.
E-mail address:
Phone: 06-28/522-000/1173
Personally: Kosáry Domokos Library and Archives, Circulation Desk
Useful information
Doctoral schools can be consulted about their training plan and requirements.
Besides, you can search the Hungarian Doctoral Council’s website, which provides basic data and statistics on all doctoral schools. In addition, it offers rules, training plans, and full-text doctoral dissertations and theses.
Several doctoral schools encourage students to publish in accomplished, high-quality scientific journals listed by them. The Doctoral Council's instructional material on the Hungarian Academy of Sciences’ website lists these periodicals by Scientific Classifications. Unfortunately, this list is available in Hungarian only.
MTMT registration and publication upload 
PhD students at Szent István University can register by themselves to the MTMT Database. When registering, PhD students are asked to select the Doctoral School they study at following the steps below:
  • select Szent István University
  • click on the [full hierarchy] screen to display the hierarchy and select the appropriate doctoral school.
The registration will be approved by the MATE institutional MTMT administrator. Students will be notified electronically at the given email address within 2 business days. If you do not receive an email notification within 2 business days, contact your faculty administrator.
The proposed order of data entry is as follows:
  • Import co-authored publications.
  • Import publications from databases.
  • Check whether the publication can or cannot be found in the WoS, Scopus or Matarka multidisciplinary databases.
  • Upload manually, if the publication is not found in any database.
Please, don't hesitate to ask for assistance from faculty administrators when needed.
PhD Dissertations at the Library
A physical copy of successfully defended doctoral dissertations will be placed at the Kosáry Domokos Library and Archives, respectively other MATE Libraries, and a digital copy (Pdf file) will be uploaded to the Szent István Archives. Both printed and digital copies will be supplied with DOI identifiers. The bibliographic data of the dissertation is uploaded to the MTMT database by the MATE institutional administrator if the student has not done it yet. If the student already uploaded the bibliographic data, the item will go through an administrator check. After a DOI identifier is assigned, these MTMT items are authenticated under the current regulations.
Digital copies of PhD dissertations and theses are available online and also on the website of the Hungarian Doctoral Council. 
Their database can be searched by institution, research field, doctoral school, author's name, and date, starting from 2001.