E-learning news at MATE

Closing of autumn semester courses for the academic year 2021/2022
The courses for the autumn semester of the academic year 2021/2022 have been closed and moved to the folder Previous courses. Your own courses will remain available through the Dashboard.
The Dashboard filters make it easy to set the criteria by which you want to display your courses (All/Past/In progress/Starred... , and List/Card/Summary view).
Moodle mobile app is now available
Students can access offline learning materials, submit quizzes and assignments. 
It connects students and educators through notifications.
Teachers can view submitted files, grade assignments.
More about the Moodle App:
E-learning assistance for teachers and students

There is assistance available for teachers and students during business hours.
In case you have a question or need help, please contact the e-learning administrator at elearning@uni-mate.hu
If you have problems with your password, try and reset it at joker.uni-mate.hu
If it wasn't successful, you should contact the MATE Information Technology Directorate at helpdesk@uni-mate.hu
If your name needs to be changed in our system, send an email to helpdesk@uni-mate.hu
In case you get an error code while using e-learning, please take a picture, or a screen print, and send it with all the details (which course, how and when it happened, what kind of browser/gadget did you use, ...) to our elearning@uni-mate.hu email address.