MTMT Information

The Hungarian Scientific Bibliography (Magyar Tudományos Művek Tára, MTMT) is a comprehensive national bibliographic database of scientific publications and citations. According to Act CXXXI. Of 2015, MTMT is a national public database. Thus, both the personal and institutional part of the bibliography must be made public.
The University Library and Archives aims to provide lecturers, researchers and students at the Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences with MTMT administration services so that all scientific work affiliated with our institution becomes registered in MTMT.
Research support librarians as assigned MTMT administrators perform or assist the author’s registration, uploading publications, and checking all input data.
Current MTMT news at the Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences established on February 1st, 2021
The new university infrastructure is under development within MTMT. The assignment of authors will begin only after the registration of the organizational units of the university is done. Anyone who already registered with MTMT does not need to start a new registration. They will be assigned to the corresponding organizational unit of MATE with their current account.
The new institutional e-mail address (with the suffix uni-mate) needs to be set in the MTMT personal profile by accessing the "Edit my data" menu item. After saving the new e-mail address, the system will send an automatic notification with confirmation purposes.
In case if someone has forgotten their login username or password, or need assistance with changing their e-mail address, they need to contact their MTMT administrator directly or contact us at
Important information for updating publication data
The author is responsible for uploading the data in MTMT, keeping them up-to-date, and the data accuracy and validity, even if the upload has been made by a different person.
When entering a new publication, it is essential that the correct type and classification is chosen, to ensure the authenticity of the reviews, the data tables of standardized information and the accuracy of the publication list. For more information on the correct settings, see the guide: Jelleg, típus, besorolás v4.3 (2018.09.18.).
It is recommended to upload only scientific and, in some cases, educational publications since these are the most important factors in evaluation procedures. Except for research reports, classified as “Other / Research Report”, it is not recommended to include publications classified as “Other / Unclassified” as they are not included in the scientific evaluation.
If the name of the affiliated institute is available in the full text of the publication, the affinity given there should be used. Otherwise, the institution may be assigned based on the author's statement.
In the case of publications affiliated with an organizational unit of Szent István University, even if it has not been published yet, the SZIE affiliation must be entered in the MTMT.
Before publication, there may be recorded only such journal articles whose revised version has been accepted for publication in a full-text database. They have to be recorded with an in-press mark and/or on the publisher's page.