MTMT Information

The Hungarian Scientific Bibliography (Magyar Tudományos Művek Tára, MTMT) is a comprehensive national bibliographic database of scientific publications and citations. According to Act CXXXI. In 2015, MTMT is a national public database. Thus, both the personal and institutional parts of the bibliography must be made public.
The University Library and Archives aim to provide lecturers, researchers and students at the Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences with MTMT administration services so that all scientific work affiliated with our institution is registered in MTMT.
Research support librarians as assigned MTMT administrators perform or assist the author’s registration, uploading publications, and checking all input data.

Contact details of MTMT administrators

 Important information on updating publication data
The author is responsible for uploading the data in MTMT, as well as for keeping them up-to-date, and for the data accuracy and validity, even if a different person has made the upload.
When entering a new publication, it is essential that the correct type and classification are chosen, to ensure the authenticity of the reviews, the data tables of standardized information and the accuracy of the publication list. For more information on the correct settings, please contact an MTMT administrator.

For evaluation procedures only scientific papers, and in some cases, educational papers are relevant, so it is recommended that only these are uploaded. Except for research reports, classified as "Other / Research report", it is not recommended to include papers of the type "Other / Unclassified", as they are not included in the scientific evaluation.

For author publications to be included in the institutional statistics, it is necessary to identify the institution to which the publication belongs. If this information is available in the full text of the publication, the affiliation given there should be used. Otherwise, the institution may be assigned based on the author's statement.

In the case of publications published with an affiliation of a department of the Szent István University and to be published in the future, the affiliation of the SZIE must also be assigned in the MTMT during data entry.

Journal articles can be recorded as pre-publication if the edited, full-text version of the article is available in the database with the in-press designation and/or on the journal or publisher's website.

Requesting habilitation and application certificates

According to the University Habilitation Regulations, a habilitation certificate issued by the University Library and Archives needs to be included in the habilitation application file. The habilitation certificate consists of the scientific metrics tables (General Evaluation Table, MTA Disciplinary Summary Table) prepared based on the data uploaded by the author in the MTMT repository. The certificate guarantees the authenticity of the evaluation tables, and the author is responsible for the accuracy of the reports.

The habilitation certificate, as well as the certificates requested for different kinds of applications (e.g. for university professorships), are issued by the University's institutional MTMT administrator on behalf of the University Library and Archives.

Before issuing such certificates, the responsible campus library administrator will carry out a publication check, verifying the data, the classification, institutional attributions, external identifiers and publication availability. To be able to correct and complete all data, the administrators may ask for the authors' cooperation. If necessary, the provision of any missing publication by the author is essential for the publication list to be properly completed and verified.

The verification process may take several working days for each author depending on the field of study, the number of publications recorded in the MTMT, the number of citations and the previous verifications.

We kindly ask that all requests be submitted to us in advance, at least three weeks before the deadline.

To request a certificate, please use the contact details below:

In-person: during working hours at the MTMT administrators

When the certificate is completed, a notification will be sent, as well as an electronic version of the certificate. Afterwards, the original certificate can be collected in person from the MTMT administrators during business hours.