Wireless Network (Wi-Fi)

Eduroam (Education Roaming) is an international roaming service that offers users from participating academic institutions such as Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences (MATE) secure Internet access at any eduroam participating location.
In order access the university networks through eduroam, you'll need to launch an app on each device you want to use.
Here you can find login instructions:
As a student is enrolled to the University, a student ID (MATE ID) and a related inactive e-mail account will be automatically created. To activate the user account, the following site needs to be accessed: JoKeR - User IT Rights Management System .
For MATE students and employees the MATE ID is the same as the Neptun ID/ Neptun code. The default password constitutes of  the letters "Ne" and the 8 digits of the university student's or employee's date of birth in the following order: YYYYMMDD (e.g.: Ne19940123.).
After logging in, the pre-set password must be changed, and by doing so, the account will be activated. From then on, the Neptun code and the new password can be used to access university systems including E-learning, webmail, and Wi-Fi. (The password replacement does not affect the Neptun System.)
Note: If you have previously accessed MATE Wi-Fi, E-learning, webmail, or subscription databases (remotely), you already activated your account and created a new password. The password needs to be renewed every 6 months.
 If you have forgotten your password, or have problems logging in to any of these systems, you should contact MATE IT Directorate at the address helpdesk@uni-mate.hu.
Connecting to eduroam network
You can log in with your MATE ID and password, according to the following syntax: MATEID@uni-mate.hu. For employees this consists of 3 letters and 4 numbers (e.g.: Tes0000@uni-mate.hu) while for students it is identical with the Neptun identifier (e.g.: neptuncode@uni-mate.hu).
For detailed device and gadget configuration info go to: