Use of the Library’s Open Reading Areas

Visitors of the Library are entitled to enter and use all open areas: the Reading Room, Literature Room, Walleshausen Gyula Room, Catalogue Room, and Periodicals Reading Room.

All items placed on the open shelves and in stacks can be used locally without enrolment to the Library.
The items placed on the open shelves can be used any time during business hours. Before leaving the Library, all used books are to be left on the desks or carts. We kindly ask you not to place them back on the shelves.
Not loanable documents held in stack can be used in the open areas as well, after submitting a request form at the Circulation Desk. These documents need to be returned at the Circulation Desk.
Photocopies or photos of all documents can be made according to library regulations. (Information at the Circulation Desk.)