On the E-learning interface, teachers add learning materials and activities for their students such as tests, exams, assignments, and so on.
Students can access the courses they enrolled in or enroll in new ones. Course information and enrolment key are provided by teachers. In addition, the Moodle E-learning portal also serves as a communication forum among students and teachers.
First login
For first-time users, the username and password must be activated prior to anything else on the website https://joker.uni-mate.hu/index.php?lang=en.
The Username is the student's Neptune Code (MATE ID) and the password constitutes of  the letters "Ne" and the 8 digits of the student's date of birth in the following order: YYYYMMDD (e.g.: Ne19940315.)
After logging in, the pre-set password must be changed, and by doing so, the new account will be activated. From then on, the Neptun code and the new password can be used to access university systems including E-learning, webmail, and Wi-Fi and also serves as identification for accessing databases remotely. (The password replacement does not affect the Neptun System.)
Note: If you have previously accessed MATE Wi-Fi, E-learning, webmail, or subscription databases (remotely), you already activated your account and created a new password! You don’t need to do it again.
For the first steps students' information is available in English on the E-learning Portal website even before logging in.
Failed login - Forgotten password, Name change
 If someone has forgotten their password, or have problems logging in, they should contact MATE Information Technoligies Directorate at the address helpdesk@uni-mate.hu
E-learning for students
Guide for First login to e-learning and course enrollment for students
After logging in, the E-learning system launches the Dashboard.
The Course overview block in the middle displays the current tasks or activities in the Timeline that can be sorted by date or course. The Courses shows all E-learning courses the user is enrolled in.
Teachers inform students of all new courses launched in the E-learning system. All E-learning courses can be requested and edited by teachers only.
Note: not all MATE courses are launched in the E-learning system, information on them is given by teachers.
E-mail address:  elearning@uni-mate.hu
E-learning for teachers
The Moodle website offers a guide for teachers to help them manage their courses.
Moodle Video tutorials are also available online.
E-learning assistance for teachers and students

There is assistance available for teachers during business hours.
In case you have a question or need help, please contact the e-learning administrator.
Judit Gyulai
E-mail address:  elearning@uni-mate.hu
Phone at Szent István Campus, Gödöllő: +36-28-522-000/1177