Statistical Sources


Provider: Eurostat
Description: Eurostat is the statistical office of the European Union. Its mission is to provide high quality statistics for Europe. It offers a whole range of important and interesting data that governments, businesses, the education sector, journalists and the public can use for their work and daily life.
Description: FAO statistics collates and disseminates food and agricultural statistics globally. FAOSTAT produces publications, working papers and statistical yearbooks that cover food security, prices, production and trade, as well as agro-environmental statistics.
KSH Digistat

Provider: Hungarian Central Statistical Office Library
Description: Through the KSH Digistat database there are available online statistical publications, which can be browsed by institutions, topics and keywords.

Provider: Hungarian Central Statistical Office
Description: Major data, indicators collected by HCSO or transmitted by other organizations are included in a table system of ready-made tables. The data are available by county and region.  Major international data are available by the member states of the European Union as well as by some other countries to ensure the option of intra-country and cross country comparison. The STADAT-tables are free to download – in an Excel format as well – and to print. There is a methodological guide to facilitate the interpretation of the tables.

Provider: OECD
Description: OECD.Stat includes data and metadata for OECD countries and selected non-member economies.
UNECE – Statistical Database

Provider: UNECE
Description:  It provides free access to data structured to facilitate easy retrieval of statistics by users. It is organised by subject or policy areas. Multi-dimensional tables present data by country, by various socio-economic classifications related to the context, and by time period.
The data is ready for international comparison and immediate analytical use, and  easy to find.
It provides statistics on CIS and central and eastern European countries, which are difficult to find elsewhere in a single integrated database.