Available Library Services During COVID-19 Closure

Available Library Services During COVID-19 Closure at Kosáry Domokos Library and Archives
In accordance with the Government Decree declaring state of emergency, starting November 11, 2020,
The Kosáry Domokos Library and Archives is CLOSED to the public until further notice.
During this period, all our offices and public areas are closed to the public. All library services and archive research services that require a personal presence are temporarily suspended.

Available Services provided by Kosáry Domokos Library and Archives during this period:
Our loanable items may be borrowed by making an online request and picking the books up by appointment.
Our Catalogue is available online at http://opac3.godollo.uni-mate.hu/
Loan requests can be submitted to: konyvtar@uni-mate.hu providing personal data, such as name and library card number, as well as the list of the documents.
The request will be confirmed by our staff, and appointment will be set up. The items can be picked up at the main entrance of the Library at the pre-set date and time. The library card needs to be at hand.
Requested books that aren't picked up will not be stored, they will be made available for loan. Reservations are suspended during library closure.
Everybody receives an automatic reminder email about their current loans' due date. Because of the epidemic situation, the loan and renewal periods for each item were uniformly increased to 1 month.
We ask all our patrons to renew all items before their due date, because there is no automatic renewal.
Renewals can be made online by logging in to the library catalogue, by e-mail at konyvtar@uni-mate.hu, and by phone at 06-28 / 522-000 /extension 1173.
Book returns payment of late fees
Books may be returned to the Bookdrop box by the Library entrance at any time, or can be mailed to our address: Szent István University, Kosáry Domokos Library and Archives, 2100 Gödöllő, Páter Károly u. 1.
Returned books will be quarantined for 72 hours and will become loanable afterwards.

Starting November 11, 2020, we do not charge late fees, but previously incurred debts need to be settled. Late fees can be paid when the Library will reopen.
However, we will contact all graduate students in debt, and give them an opportunity to settle their debt before their final exam.
Interlibrary loans
Interlibrary loans can be submitted to: konyvtarkozi@uni-mate.hu We will notify all patrons, whether their interlibrary loan request can be fulfilled or not.
Information Services, Online Databases
Databases subscribed by the University are available remotely. Remote access works with eduID authentication. Students log in with their Neptune code, employees with their university ID and the corresponding password (set on JoKeR).
Online Databases:    
In case you have questions, please contact us at  konyvtar@uni-mate.hu .
Regarding the following library services, administrators can be contacted by email or phone only:
MTMT administration - email : mtmt@uni-mate.hu, phone : 06-28/522-000/ ext. 1171
E-learning administration - email: elearning@uni-mate.hu, phone: 06-28/522-000/ ext. 1177
Archives administration: leveltar@uni-mate.hu
We kindly ask our Patrons to adhere to the precautions introduced at Szent István University during the coronavirus pandemic in order to preserve the health of the students and staff of the institution.